Our Mission

Why Are We Doing This?

Simply stated, we are concerned about the direction that "life in America" seems to be headed these days. You can identify almost any area of personal conduct and things seem to be getting worse, not better. Bad eating habits, lack of proper exercise, overweight/obese conditions, poor academic performances, bullying in our schools, alcohol/drug addictions, crime/violence, number of unwed mothers and the lack of effective parenting...almost all of these are the result of poor choices being made throughout America today.

For a variety of reasons an increasing number of individuals are failing to see the connection between "problems in life" and the choices they have made. Many of us don't seem to understand that we are, to a great extent, in control of our own lives through the choices we make. After reflecting on theses circumstances, we "made the choice" to initiate the development of Good Choices Good Life and work to improve things.

Good Choices Good Life is an organized effort to bring more focus on the importance of effective choice making. We are providing education - both informational and motivational - that will, over time, help individuals gain a stronger sense of personal responsibility.  We are developing an online support system that will provide qualified assistance to individuals facing important or difficult choices.  And, we are developing a video-based personal value training library for parents and young people that will "teach the fundamentals" of proper personal conduct - something that we believe will have important benefits, not only for people today, but for generations to come.

Our Mission

  • To create a much greater awareness of the deterioration of choice making skills in America;
  • To provide information, education and insights that will help people understand the role and the importance of the choices they make;
  • To provide confidential feedback and recommendations to individuals who need a better “support circle” to help them work through an important choice they are trying to make,
  • To provide an online library of personal development training that parents and young people can use to achieve a better understanding of good and proper conduct in many areas of life, and
  • To help a growing number of individuals make better choices in their lives.
"It isn't how much you do that counts, but how much you do well, and how often you decide right." William Feather