The Choice to Love, Not Hate

More and more people, in all parts of the world, are experiencing the wrath and hate of other individuals. Most of this is caused by differences – differences in politics, differences in religion, differences in ethnicity, differences in cultural practices, even differences in personal opinions (freely expressed on the internet). Sometimes the result is just an exchange of words, sometimes physical confrontations and, worst of all, sometimes this hate culminates in the loss of lives, many of whom were totally innocent individuals.

There is no “magic wand” that will make people care more about each other. But, it’s time we quit letting these differences control our actions and focus on our similarities. Almost all of us in this world want exactly the same things – to live in peace, to take care of our families, to pursue something that we want to do and to feel the love of those around us. Red, yellow, black or white…east, west, north or south – whatever our color or background – 99.9% of us want the same things.

The point is – we are much more alike than we are different. We need to “celebrate our similarities” and to show more love for one another. Never has there been a greater need for people everywhere to put aside their differences, and work together to make this a better planet. We need to do much better, and it all starts with you and me…and the choices we are willing to make.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Denis Waitley