The Choice to Listen to Your Heart

Question: Were you brought into this world with certain intentions for your life? Or were you just “delivered here” and left to work things out on your own?

Without taking the time to reflect on this question and answer it for yourself, you run the risk of never really understanding why you are here. However, if you pay attention to the signals that come into your life – and are willing to make good choices to back them up – you don’t have to stretch very far to believe that your life has a specific purpose, and that you, in fact, came pre-equipped to fulfill it.

Several clues are available to help us work this out. One is the feeling we get from doing good things for someone else…we are called to action by the needs of other people. Second are the personal interests we develop…as we live our lives we find ourselves motivated to do certain things and, when coupled with good choices, these interests can direct our lives in very specific ways. Third, of course, is love…when love, which is not under our control, enters our lives we suddenly become energetic about things we want to do, people we want to be with or projects we want to complete.

The needs of others, personal interests and love…all “speaking to you” through your heart. So, listen to your heart and what it’s telling you.

And, when you start to see or feel your intended purpose, be willing to make the choices that allow it to become a reality. 

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Denis Waitley