The Choice to Get Up, Dust Yourself Off and Get Going Again

Sometimes life just knocks us down, and almost everything seems to be going wrong. We made a bad choice, maybe several of them. The repercussions – and the feelings we are now carrying inside – are really weighing on us. We feel bad, even desperate at times, and wish that we could go back and change things.

Well, we can’t.

We can, however, decide what we will do in the future…what choices we will make to “get going again.” If you are in these circumstances, or even a lesser version of them, we would like to suggest three choices you can make.

First, acknowledge the fact that there are people around you – family, friends and others – who really love you regardless of what you have done. Start your “turn around” by asking for their assistance to help you “do better” in the future. You will be amazed at how anxious they are to help you.

Second, make the choice to help someone else in some small way...don’t just sit there thinking about yourself, go and do something, anything, to make someone else feel better.

Third, as you work your way through these steps, identify a new goal that you will work to achieve. Granted, there are no easy answers when we have really messed up. But, if you will 1) accept the love and caring of those around you, 2) do something to help someone else feel better and 3) establish an important goal for your life, you will be “setting the universe in motion” for things to get better for you in the weeks and months ahead.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Denis Waitley