The Choice to Change Your Focus

Sometimes, we feel a bit hopeless. Maybe we are having “difficulties” with someone close to us. It could be that our business life is not exactly hitting on all cylinders. Or, it could be a dawning realization that our life is not working out the way we had hoped many years ago. Whatever the cause, we all encounter these hopeless feelings.

The question is…what can we do to improve them? There is no quick answer here, but, at no time in our lives are our choices more important. You can, in fact, make some choices that will make things better.

One, make the choice to hang in there. Know that you are here for a purpose…there is something that you are supposed to do with your life. At times, we have to redouble our efforts to determine what that is. Typically, focusing on others – not on ourselves – will lead us to the answer.

Two, make the choice to do something nice for someone else. It doesn’t have to be something major…maybe a special email or phone call, maybe a personal visit to see how they are doing, maybe it’s helping them over a “financial hump” if you are able. The key is to do something that will make another person's life better…and do so on a regular basis.

It’s amazing how changing our focus from ourselves to others can change our own lives. As Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, “It is one of the most beautiful compensations in life that no one can sincerely try to help another person without helping themselves.” So, look around…there is someone who needs you.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Denis Waitley