Sizzle not Fizzle: 5 Hot Tips for Making the Most of Your Summer

Is your summer going by in a haze of Netflix binging and twitter stalking?

Are you dreading going back to school and telling your friends you spent the summer on the couch?

A few days of decompressing and relaxation is a great way to shake of the stressful school year, but you shouldn’t waste your whole summer away.

Plus, no one wants to be the guy without any fun stories to share.

The summer holidays are a great way to turn over a new leaf in your life. Whether you want to start a new hobby, kick a bad habit or beef up your resume, you have three months of uninterrupted you-time to do it!

So instead of letting your summer fizzle out, take a look at these 5 hot tips to making your summer count!

Get a job

Sounds pretty obvious, right? But here you are, unemployed with an empty wallet.

Think of all the trendy clothes you can buy. Or the snazzy dinner dates you can take your crush on now that you have some dough.

Most businesses ramp up their hiring in the summer months, and typically target teens or college students knowing they won’t need to stick around come August.

This is a great opportunity to land your first job or learn a new work skill with minimal experience or commitment.

Hit up all your favorite spots—discounts on your favorite clothes? Winning.

Fill out a few applications and remember to dress in business casual or nicer when applying. You never know, you could land an on-the-spot interview.

Wait a week before following up on your application, and consider checking on its status in person. Putting a face to a name helps your application stand out from the pile.


Whether you’re a freshman in high school or a freshman in college, volunteering develops valuable skills you might need in your future career field.

Discover volunteer opportunities in your area that match the career path you’re interested in. Want to work with animals? Volunteer at the zoo or your local animal shelter.

Interested in social work? Volunteer at a food drive.

Love sports? Offer to coach little league teams in your neighborhood.

Don’t forget to log your hours and have a volunteer coordinator sign them off. This proves to future employers that you did put in the time. You should also save documentation and photos to use in college application packets.

Volunteering looks great on a resume, promotes altruism and is an engaging, but stress-free way to spend your summer.

Get in Shape

No more blaming homework or student council meetings on the weight gain. With all this free time, you can hit the gym and make healthier life style choices.

Take a yoga class, run in your neighborhood or grab a friend for at-home workouts.

It takes time to break bad eating habits, so use the summer months to prepare healthy, fresh meals on Sunday that you can munch on throughout the week. This is also a great reason to learn how to cook!

Getting in shape isn’t about being thin; it’s about being healthy. So choose an exercise regimen and diet that works best for your body type. 

Find a New Hobby

Your friends are tired of hearing you say that you’re going to learn how to play the guitar. Show them up by actually doing it this summer.

Join a drama club, take horseback riding lessons, swim on your local YMCA team; whatever it is that you’ve been dying to do, now’s the time to get started!

To make it even more fun, you can keep your newly learned skill a secret until school let’s back in. Just wait till you see their faces....

Get Educated

I know what you’re thinking. Why would you want to learn more on your only time off from school?

Here’s the skinny.

This is the most pivotal time in your life for education. After high school, or college, you’ll be expected to work, manage bills, run a household, raise children, etc. You won’t have as much time to further your education.

You should be maximizing the potential for growth now so you can enjoy the benefits of being one step ahead later.

Invest in an online or community college course to get some credits out of the way. Starting early will also help you get a clearer idea of your career path.

Choose one or a combination of these tips to make sure your summer doesn’t fizzle, but sizzles!

Written by Rebekah Olsen

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Good habits formed at youth make all of the difference in life. Aristotle