A Real Life Experience

Reg Carver Writes About His Life

Just a few months ago, I received an e-mail from Michael L. Nelson, author of “Good Choices Good Life”, the book that was the impetus for this website. Truthfully, I had hoped to receive a call such as his for the last couple of years. Michael invited me to join Good Choices Good Life for the purpose of writing for this section – Real Life, Real Living.

At the time he contacted me, Michael knew a good bit of my story. He knew that I was once an effective and successful lawyer. He knew I had fought for justice on behalf of clients over many years. Indeed, at one time I seemingly had it all – a successful career, a wonderful family, good friends and sufficient discretionary income to purchase most anything I really wanted. 

Lost it All…

With the exception of my family, I eventually lost almost everything. I slowly succumbed to the severe anxiety disorder and major depression that has plagued me for most of my life. It’s still heartbreaking for me to think about, but my maladies – and the intense anger they ignited within me – inflicted a lot of wounds (to others as well as to myself).

Many of these wounds may never be fully healed. I caused some irreparable damage during those awful times. Eventually, all of it took a toll I couldn’t seem to bear.

At my worst, I attempted suicide on two separate occasions.

But at some point and for some reason, I decided to give my all to making good choices and to attempting to heal some of the wounds I had inflicted. By the time Michael and I first spoke, I was back on my feet – with a new career in writing, a passion for photography and a new religion that brought me a peace of mind I’d never experienced before.

I’m Proof: Anyone Can Make Good Choices – And Change Their Life

I don’t remember exactly why or how I managed to finally begin to make good choices. All I really remember is that, at some point, I vowed to try in earnest, and to not give up, no matter what. For reasons that still elude me, for the last several years I have managed to mostly keep on a positive path.

Honestly, I think the most truthful answer is that I just became disgusted with being me.

I couldn’t have changed without the love, compassion and unwavering support of my wife (truly my guardian angel) and my two caring daughters, who wanted desperately to see their daddy get well. And frankly, I have made remarkable progress. The good choices I have made, and strive to make each and every day, have given me a meaningful life – one that is wholly different from the one I lived for so long.

From time to time, I’ll post more details of my story, but for now, I want you to remember these three things:

  • First, I’m someone who knows firsthand what it means to face real crisis. I’m living proof that a person can improve his life by making better choices.
  • Second, no matter your situation, you have only one rational option: To start and never give up making the good choices necessary to improve your life.
  • And third, if you consistently make good choices, you’ll change your life for good. Like me, maybe you’ll make a life for yourself that you cannot even possibly dream at this moment.

Our Challenges Are Unique, but All Must Walk the Wise Path

It’s simply a fact that each of us is unique – having distinct talents and faults, walking different life paths and facing challenges only we can fully understand. Try as we might, no one can possibly walk in another’s shoes. Each one of us is the only person who’ll ever take our particular journey.   

But, we can learn from each other and we can help each other. So each week, I will tell you a new, true story of courage, hope and willpower. In doing so, I will do my best to impart lessons that’ll hold valuable meaning for as many readers as possible. Through my writings, I will strive to help relieve pain and provide inspiration.  

So let’s start right now. You need not waste another moment before beginning to make good choices. With each step of your journey, I will be wishing you peace.

Written By Reg L. Carver 

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