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This section includes perspectives about life and living as well as real-life stories about specific individuals and the circumstances they have faced in their lives. Most of us have not faced a major crisis or life-altering event. However, many people have, and, as a result, they had to make some tough choices to work their way through their difficulties. These stories show how important good choices can be at times like these.

If we're to be successful in our living, we must be realistic about what makes life work and what doesn't. We must develop an understanding of our responsibility in setting the basic direction of our lives. In addition, when things get tough and life seems to be working against us, we must somehow find the resolve to meet these difficult times with perseverance and hope for the future.

Read and review these articles - both the perspectives and the real-life stories - so that you can work through the challenges that you may be facing today, or that may come your way in the months and years ahead.


Realizing the Importance of the Choices You Make

Certainly, many things have had an influence on your life. These influences or events can be very important as far as your life’s ultimate destination is concerned. However, there is one thing that plays the primary role – the most important role – in determining the outcome of your life. Do you know what it is?


The Process of Life Starts in Your Head

There are several clues that indicate where you and I fit on the smart scale, but none more indicative than the quality of the choices we make. Many of our activities and our associated choices are environmentally driven and under the control or influence of other people. 


A Busy Life is a Meaningful One
Part 1 of 3

Many of us are so busy with our jobs, our families and other activities that we fail to assess who we really are and what is fundamentally important in our life. Our lives, to a great extent, are controlled by our to do lists: drive the kids to school, get to work, pay the bills, get the grocery shopping done, go to the meeting…the list goes on and on. 


What Other People Think Is VERY Important
Part 2 of 3

What other people think…. 

You may argue with me on this one, but the strongest influence on many of the choices we make is what other people think or, more precisely, what we think they think. I believe that this factor not only influences many of our choices, but it can actually modify the way we live our lives on a day-to-day basis. 


It Will All Work Out Someday
Part 3 of 3

Whether our primary, day-to-day activities involve school, work or family, it’s easy for us to be swept along by the flow of life believing that if we just do our best, things will all just work out some day. Many of us feel that if we work hard and keep our nose clean, at some point we will have a life that provides much happiness and personal satisfaction.  


Learning to Appreciate Our Differences

The U.S. has made significant progress over the past 30 or 40 years to make all things fair and equal for its citizens and for those who come here. It’s an important objective for a nation to have, one that we are continuously working to enhance, and hopefully someday soon, we will actually achieve it. 


Why is this Happening to Me?

When you experience a series of calamities in life, including some of your own making, it seems only natural to begin looking for the WHY. As in, why is this happening to me? Why does it keep happening? What have I done to deserve this? Why am I being punished with such gleeful karmic abandon? Have I offended the Cosmos in some unknown or unremembered way? Why can’t I manage to rise above, no matter how hard I try?


Learning from Life

In the 2003 book The Time Traveler’s Wife, a man named Henry suffers from a genetic disorder that catapults him into the past and the future at random. In the middle of it all is his wife, Clare, an artist who has had to learn to cope with Henry’s frequent and mysterious absences. “It’s hard being left behind,” she says at one point in the novel, “I wait for Henry, not knowing where he is, wondering if he’s okay. It’s hard to be the one who stays.” 


A Title that Only Others Can Bestow

We all want to be great, to feel special and to be treated in special ways. However, when we talk or think about greatness, we often confuse what we do with who we are


A Real Life Experience

Just a few months ago, I received an e-mail from Michael L. Nelson, author of Good Choices Good Life, the book that was the impetus for this website. Truthfully, I had hoped to receive a call such as his for the last couple of years. Michael invited me to join Good Choices Good Life for the purpose of writing this section – Choices in Difficult Times.

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Hard times don't create heroes. It's during hard times when the "hero" in us is revealed. Bob Riley