Gain All You Can
Part 1 of 3

We all know that money cannot make us happy, but let’s face it—it sure can make life more enjoyable! And while most of us don’t want to sound greedy or materialistic, we must admit that we tend to be a little happier when we don’t have to worry about money.


Save All You Can
Part 2 of 3

If you’ve ever watched re-runs from The Andy Griffith Show, you might remember an episode called “Opie’s Fortune,” in which Opie finds a lost coin purse containing $50. After waiting for the legally required amount of time for the rightful owner to appear, Andy allows Opie to keep the money. Opie, of course, can only think about how he is going to spend his fortune. “When fellows come into a lot of money,” Andy reminds him, “what they usually do is spend some of it and save some of it. You know, save some of it for a rainy day….”


Give All You Can!
Part 3 of 3

If you’re gaining all you can reasonably and honestly, and you’re spending wisely and saving all you can, it’s time to consider giving. But giving all you can?  What exactly did John Wesley mean by this third point in his money sermon more than 200 years ago? How can it fit into a modern-day view of money management?