The Choice to Love, Not Hate »

More and more people, in all parts of the world, are experiencing the wrath and hate of other individuals. There is no “magic wand” that will make people care more about each other. But, it’s time we quit letting these differences control our actions and focus on our similarities. 

The Choice Not to Label People »

Many of us operate as “people labeling machines” drawing vast conclusions about people based on how they look, how they talk, or how they believe. We often overlook our own unique characteristics, but are quick to “classify and criticize” those who are different from us.

The Choice to Love and Respect Each Other »

While we might not fully realize it, we are living in one of the worst “finger pointing” times in the history of our country. Not a day goes by without some politician verbally stepping on one of their colleagues…or a nightly newscaster giving more one-sided “views” than news…or a local leader bashing a recent decision made at the city or state level. We ourselves fall into this same finger-pointing mode when we talk badly about one of our neighbors or say something derogatory about someone else.