The Motivation to Cancel Your Flight to Impatience  »

I’ve sat through two cancelled flights today. When talking to the gate agent, she said “I’m so surprised how calm and easy-going you are about this”. 

I'm not surprised she's shocked I'm being calm. I’ve sat in too many airports to know the truth.

The Choice to Use our Freedom of Speech the Right Way »

Does our freedom of speech give us the right to say anything, at any time, about anybody? 

The Choice to Have a Positive Impact on Others »

Here at GCGL, we believe that life is all about choices. Simply stated, the better our choices the better the life we will have. But, what does a choice really produce? 

The Choice to Love, Not Hate »

More and more people, in all parts of the world, are experiencing the wrath and hate of other individuals. There is no “magic wand” that will make people care more about each other. But, it’s time we quit letting these differences control our actions and focus on our similarities. 

The Choice to Not Say "I Told You So" »

You were aching to say it…so you did. “I told you so!” 

But did it really matter?

The Choice to Be Friends with Someone Different »

Have you ever been in some place and not know a single person? You look around trying to find someone you might have something in common with; a like-minded soul with a similar view on life.

The Choice to Look Up and See the World »

How many people do you encounter each day with their necks bent, heads down engrossed in their cell phone? Lots of people, right? In fact, most people…and you and I are probably part of that crowd. But is this constant practice actually helping us or hurting us?