The Choice to Embellish Others; Not Yourself »

The story of the moment is about a national news anchor who apparently embellished the facts to appear more important to his news audience. This was a very poor choice on his part, and he was relieved of duty for six months. But, most of us have done similar things. 

Selfish Choices Vs Unselfish Choices »

We are all a little "me" oriented. It's important that we look out for ourselves and those around us. However, there are times when we take our right of personal choice a bit too far. 

The Motivation to Cancel Your Flight to Impatience  »

I’ve sat through two cancelled flights today. When talking to the gate agent, she said “I’m so surprised how calm and easy-going you are about this”. 

I'm not surprised she's shocked I'm being calm. I’ve sat in too many airports to know the truth.

The Choice to Use our Freedom of Speech the Right Way »

Does our freedom of speech give us the right to say anything, at any time, about anybody?