Giving to Others »

A True Story

Oseola McCarty was born in Wayne County, MS on March 7, 1908. She had to quit school in the sixth grade to help her family make ends meet and to care for her aunt and grandmother. For income, she took in laundry and ironing at a rate of $1.50 a bundle.

The Choice to Use our Freedom of Speech the Right Way »

Does our freedom of speech give us the right to say anything, at any time, about anybody? 

The Choice to Love, Not Hate »

More and more people, in all parts of the world, are experiencing the wrath and hate of other individuals. There is no “magic wand” that will make people care more about each other. But, it’s time we quit letting these differences control our actions and focus on our similarities. 

The Choice to Be Thankful for Those That Have Done So Much for Us »

As we get ready to enjoy a long Memorial Day weekend, let’s not forget to remember those fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and the freedoms we enjoy this very day.