The Motivation to Cancel Your Flight to Impatience  »

I’ve sat through two cancelled flights today. When talking to the gate agent, she said “I’m so surprised how calm and easy-going you are about this”. 

I'm not surprised she's shocked I'm being calm. I’ve sat in too many airports to know the truth.

The Choice to Look Forward, Not Back »

All of us have had bad things happen in our past that we would like to go back and change – some because of outright mistakes that we made (“poor choices”) and some due to circumstances beyond our control. 

Super Sunday...Time for a Super Choice »

The easy choices come and go, usually with little thought or emotion. But, we also face some tough ones…choices that give us pause, that raise our level of concern, that even create a fear of failure within us. 

The Choice to Get Up, Dust Yourself Off and Get Going Again »

Sometimes life just knocks us down, and almost everything seems to be going wrong. We made a bad choice, maybe several of them. The repercussions – and the feelings we are now carrying inside – are really weighing on us.

The Choice to Change Your Focus »

Sometimes, we feel a bit hopeless. Maybe we are having “difficulties” with someone close to us. It could be that our business life is not exactly hitting on all cylinders. Or, it could be a dawning realization that our life is not working out the way we had hoped many years ago. Whatever the cause, we all encounter these hopeless feelings.

The Choice to Learn and Move on From Our Mistakes »

There are times when we lie in bed wanting to go to sleep, but some bad choice we made seems to keep creeping into our heads. Whatever it is, it seems to be eating away at us. We analyze it over and over again wondering why in the world we did that in the first place. 

The Choice to Allow Charleston to "Bring New Life" to All of Us »

What a tragedy…nine wonderful people losing their lives at the hands of a misguided, weak-minded individual. What a loss…outstanding men and women who were real leaders in their church and community taken from us in such a despicable way. Most certainly, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends as they work through the after-shock of this terrible event.