The Choice to Look Forward, Not Back »

All of us have had bad things happen in our past that we would like to go back and change – some because of outright mistakes that we made (“poor choices”) and some due to circumstances beyond our control. 

The Choice to Get Up, Dust Yourself Off and Get Going Again »

Sometimes life just knocks us down, and almost everything seems to be going wrong. We made a bad choice, maybe several of them. The repercussions – and the feelings we are now carrying inside – are really weighing on us.

The Choice to "Suck it Up" and Go For It »

The easy choices come and go with little thought or emotion. However, our more life-defining choices – such as making a career change, starting a new business, moving away for a new opportunity, standing up for a cause we really believe in or doing “that thing” we’ve always wanted to do – can give us pause, even create fear within us.