The Choice to be the Leader of Your Life »

Every successful business has effective leadership. The same is true of governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, medical facilities, farming operations and thousands of other operating groups. For the overall effort to be well coordinated and produce successful results, capable leadership must be present. This important ingredient even extends to families...

The Choice to End the Argument  »

Have you ever been in a "heated discussion" with someone whose view seemed to be the very opposite from your own? Of course we all have. 

The Motivation to Work Hard Today »

Have you ever been denied a raise? Passed up for a promotion? Left out of an important project at school or work?

Maybe it's time to reevaluate your work ethic.

The Choice to Learn and Move on From Our Mistakes »

There are times when we lie in bed wanting to go to sleep, but some bad choice we made seems to keep creeping into our heads. Whatever it is, it seems to be eating away at us. We analyze it over and over again wondering why in the world we did that in the first place. 

The Choice to Love and Respect Each Other »

While we might not fully realize it, we are living in one of the worst “finger pointing” times in the history of our country. Not a day goes by without some politician verbally stepping on one of their colleagues…or a nightly newscaster giving more one-sided “views” than news…or a local leader bashing a recent decision made at the city or state level. We ourselves fall into this same finger-pointing mode when we talk badly about one of our neighbors or say something derogatory about someone else.

The Choice to Behave Yourself »

No matter what…we can do the right thing. No mater our age, our background, our race, our gender, our education or our circumstances we can conduct ourselves in a responsible way. Even when we encounter a situation with which we totally disagree, we can act and work in an intelligent manner to make things better.