The Motivation to Cancel Your Flight to Impatience

I’ve sat through two cancelled flights today. When talking to the gate agent, she said “I’m so surprised how calm and easy-going you are about this”. 

I'm not surprised she's shocked I'm being calm. I’ve sat in too many airports to know the truth. Patience is a rare animal at the airport. Sit at any gate and you’ll easily catch sight of grown men and women stomping their feet, yelling, crying and insulting each other over cancelled or delayed flights.

I don’t know much about planes, but last I checked feet-stomping doesn’t fix a plane or suddenly clear the sky of thunderstorms. But what it does do is hurt. Your anger, your impatience, your anxiousness is toxic to yourself and the person you’re directing it to. 

Do you really feel better after chewing out the waitress? Do you really feel a sense of accomplishment when you yell at another driver on the road?

Probably not. After it’s over, you’re worked up, your blood pressure is sky-high, your nerves are frayed and the rest of your day will most likely continue to plummet. 

I want to motivate you today to cancel your own flight to impatience. Instead of getting worked up...take a deep breath, think of the gate agent, the waitress, the cashier in front of you...not yourself...but think how THEY feel, what they may be struggling with or how many other people have already yelled at them for something they can’t control. 

Choose to handle the situation with patience and kindness. You’ll be surprised how much better your day will go and how appreciative those around you will be.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Denis Waitley