The Choice to Have a Positive Impact on Others

Here at GCGL, we believe that life is all about choices. Simply stated, the better our choices the better the life we will have. But, what does a choice really produce?

It produces a two-fold experience, an experience for us (good or bad) and, although often overlooked, an experience for those around us…friends, family and, in some instances, individuals we don’t even know. Our choices have a “ripple effect” spreading out from us and touching the lives of many around us.

When a young person chooses to study hard and makes good grades, the ripple effect is proud parents and admiration from family members and friends. Likewise, when someone chooses to be a “know it all” and devotes more time to sarcasm than sincere interest in others, the ripple effect is people who don’t want to be around a person like that.

So, while our personal choices are important to us, we have to look beyond ourselves and consider the impact our choices have on other people. This perspective is really an advantage to us for when we start to think more about how our life will impact others, the better the choices we are likely to make.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Denis Waitley