The Choice to Enjoy the Journey »

When we set off on a path in life, whether towards a personal goal, a family goal or a career goal, it’s often easy to think that “getting there” is what will make us happy.

The Choice to Be Thankful for Those That Have Done So Much for Us »

As we get ready to enjoy a long Memorial Day weekend, let’s not forget to remember those fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and the freedoms we enjoy this very day.

The Choice to Not Be Lonely »

We all feel lonely at times. It’s usually a feeling of sadness – one that can be caused by actually being alone, but, more frequently, by thinking we are the only person in the world with a problem or situation like this.

However, we can make the choice to change that feeling.

The Choice to Be Friends with Someone Different »

Have you ever been in some place and not know a single person? You look around trying to find someone you might have something in common with; a like-minded soul with a similar view on life.

The Choice to Look Up and See the World »

How many people do you encounter each day with their necks bent, heads down engrossed in their cell phone? Lots of people, right? In fact, most people…and you and I are probably part of that crowd. But is this constant practice actually helping us or hurting us?

The Choice to Behave Yourself »

No matter what…we can do the right thing. No mater our age, our background, our race, our gender, our education or our circumstances we can conduct ourselves in a responsible way. Even when we encounter a situation with which we totally disagree, we can act and work in an intelligent manner to make things better.

The Choice to Allow Charleston to "Bring New Life" to All of Us »

What a tragedy…nine wonderful people losing their lives at the hands of a misguided, weak-minded individual. What a loss…outstanding men and women who were real leaders in their church and community taken from us in such a despicable way. Most certainly, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends as they work through the after-shock of this terrible event.

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There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Denis Waitley