The Choice to Change How You Feel »

Have you ever had one of those down-and-out days when you were feeling a bit sad, even a little depressed, about your life and your circumstances? Well, don't feel that you are alone, we have all experienced times like these. 

The Choice to Change...Right Now »

As we get older, we tend to look back and reflect on the way we have lived our lives...on the good things that happened and on the bad choices we made along the way as well. 

The Choice to Use our Freedom of Speech the Right Way »

Does our freedom of speech give us the right to say anything, at any time, about anybody? 

The Choice to End the Argument  »

Have you ever been in a "heated discussion" with someone whose view seemed to be the very opposite from your own? Of course we all have. 

Becoming Who You Are »

These are questions that each of us must answer one way or another. You have two basic choices in this regard. You can give some careful thought to the person you were intended to be. Or, you can give little thought to your personal qualities, simply go along with the general flow of things and let the world shape you however it would like.

The Choice to Have a Positive Impact on Others »

Here at GCGL, we believe that life is all about choices. Simply stated, the better our choices the better the life we will have. But, what does a choice really produce? 

The Choice to Have a New Life »

Whenever a child is born, parents, family members and close friends are almost always filled with joy and optimism concerning the happy and successful life the little one will most assuredly have. 

The Choice to Listen to Your Heart »

Question: Were you brought into this world with certain intentions for your life? Or were you just “delivered here” and left to work things out on your own? 

The Choice to Look Forward, Not Back »

All of us have had bad things happen in our past that we would like to go back and change – some because of outright mistakes that we made (“poor choices”) and some due to circumstances beyond our control. 

Super Sunday...Time for a Super Choice »

The easy choices come and go, usually with little thought or emotion. But, we also face some tough ones…choices that give us pause, that raise our level of concern, that even create a fear of failure within us. 

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Denis Waitley