About Good Choices Good Life

Background and Planning

The phrase "good choices, good life" was chosen as a confirmation of the relationship between the quality of a person's choices and the quality of their life. Our overall objective is to help people achieve a greater sense of personally responsiblity, and to help them understand that what they accomplish with their life is determined, to a great extent, by the choices they are willing to make.

In working toward this objective, we wanted to: 

  • Create a greater awareness of the role that choices play in our lives,
  • Promote the fact that good choices are almost always harder to make than poor ones and 
  • Help people see that the accomplishment of an important goal almost always starts with an important choice.

Our Offerings

To accomplish these objectives, we will be providing three types of choice-making support:

  • Phase I:  Choice-Making Education Center 
    Here today on our website, you have access to information on a variety of choice-making topics. New articles are being posted weekly so check back often to continue to enhance your choice-making awareness and skills. 
  • Phase II:  Online Choice-Making Feedback System 
    This online forum, available early next year, will allow young people and adults to reach beyond influential but inadequate “decision support circles” and obtain more experienced assistance to guide them through an important choice they are trying to make. 
  • Phase III:  Video-Based Personal Development Library 
    And later next year, we will release the first of 134 “value teaching” videos (96 for young people, 32 for parents and 6 for the general public) focused on developing more effective parenting skills and providing personal conduct training for young people

Technology-Based Education

We determined that it was very important that our services and support be technology based. Young people, and their parents too, spend much of their day accessing information and communicating via computers, pads and phones. So, without question, we wanted to make our offerings available via the same devices that have become such a big part of our daily lives.

By being technology-based, we can:

  • REACH A MUCH LARGER AUDIENCE - Individuals can access GCGL 24/7 from any place in the world
  • PROVIDE PARENTS WITH EASY TO USE TRAINING TOOLS - For both themselves and their children
  • GIVE ACCESS TO YOUNG PEOPLE WITHOUT PARENTAL GUIDANCE - Providing tools for self-development
  • EASILY UPDATE AND MAINTAIN - Keeping our material and content current and effective
  • PRESERVE FOR GENERATIONS TO COME - Providing a place where "the fundamentals" will always be available

No Easy Task

Our content is not intended to skirt around issues, but to face them head on.  We have assembled a wonderful team of individuals who have a wide variety of academic, family and life experiences along with the motivation to help others.  Most of our team members have faced difficult times in their own lives and have made important choices in order to head their life in a new or better direction. By sharing their knowledge and insights, they are reaching out to help others improve their day-to-day lives.  

In summary, we want to help people "be better" and to live better and more meaningful lives. This will be a monumental task we know, but we firmly believe that, through the GCGL educational and support services, significant improvements can be made.

Would You Like to Help?

We are pleased to have completed the first phase of our plans - the launch of the GCGL Choice-Making Education Center. We will be adding new information to it each week. As we do, we are moving on with the development of the GCGL Online Choice-Making Feedback System (Phase II) and the GCGL Video-Based Personal Development Library (Phase III). Both of these require significant funding to complete. Therefore, we would welcome your choice to support this work.

We chose to make Good Choices Good Life a nonprofit organization because we wanted everyone to have full access to the information and support without charge or hindrance. Many individuals, especially young people, might find any kind of subscription or usage fee unaffordable, so we elected to go the nonprofit route.

We have been approved by the IRS as a 501c3 corporation and, therefore, all donations are tax deductable.  If you would like to support this work, please click the donate button at the bottom of this page or, if you prefer, send your check to GCGL at the address below.