Think About the Choices You Have Made and How Your Choices Have Impacted Your Life


Increase Your Understanding About the Role that Choices Play in Defining the Outcome of Your Life


Develop Your Ability to Make the Choices that Allow You to Become the Individual You Were Intended to Be

The Good Choices Information Center

Contains Over 100 Learning Experiences
  • Section 1: Choices for Improving You!

    Basic choices for improving mind and body including areas such as exercise, food/diet, kindness, drugs/alcohol, anger management and academic achievement.

  • Section 2: Choices for Better Parenting

    The importance of parental choices, and how the role of parenting determines a child's day-to-day conduct, channels their personal development and greatly influences their success over the long-term.

  • Section 3: Choices for Young People (13 to 21)

    Helping young people develop a sense of personal responsibility about the choices they make and an understanding that they can do something special with their life if they choose to do so.

  • Section 4: Choices for Real Life, Real Living

    Making critical choices when the odds and “the world” are stacked against you. Plus some important insights about "life and living."

  • Section 5: Choice Thoughts

    Our newest additon the the GCGL website...this section contains thoughtful "quick reads" about life and living. These include some of our social media postings, excerpts from our new book Living by Choice and other favorites of ours.